Packing Tips for Moving Home.

Are you moving home? You’re probably going to have plenty of jobs on your to-do list!  However, packing up and getting moved doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We’re always on hand to help you get packed up and ready to go. However, there are plenty of things you can be doing to prepare beforehand to help make things even easier on you. Here are just some things you might want to think about doing ahead of the big day.

Preparing an Essentials Box or Bag.

Are there items you are going to need to have with you at all times? Think about money, important documents, certain tools. Even tea bags, milk and sugar will be useful for when you get to the other side! Prepare a bag of anything you are likely to need en route, as well as a box of items which are precious to you. It is suitable to find boxes which are specified to rooms, essentials or other requirements, using moving packs may be an efficient and easy way to organise your belongings. You’re not going to want to lose precious items during the journey, so make sure to keep them with you at all times.

Stack Heavy Items at the Bottom of Your Boxes.

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but if you have plenty of heavy items to take with you, make sure you box them up at the very bottom. You should think about stacking items in boxes in weight order, otherwise you will risk smaller, more precious items getting damaged or even broken. It pays to be as careful as possible when you are packing up to move.

Carefully Label Your Boxes and Bags.

One of the best things you can do before you move is to clearly write on any boxes and bags with regard to the rooms they are heading to. You may use label makers to do this and there are many options available online. This will help both you and any moving specialists find where to place your items once you’ve arrived. This can mean a lot of time and effort saved when it comes to unpacking and sorting out your items once you’ve settled in, too.