Storage company in London.

Myremovalman is a company providing convenient storage solutions as well as removals so that you don’t have to worry about a thing

Storage company in London.

Myremovalman is a company providing convenient storage solutions as well as removals so that you don’t have to worry about a thing

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    Keep your belongings safe and secure with our easy and efficient storage.

    Myremovalman’s storage solutions give you peace of mind when it comes to your belongings

    Safe and secure storage

    We use a storage facility which is fully protected and secured

    Flexible storage to suit your needs

    Whether you need some extra storage due to a move, decluttering or if you’re an international student, we’ve got lots of room for those extra bits and pieces

    Competitive prices to suit your budget

    We provide fast, accurate quotes that are highly competitive without ever compromising on the quality of service

    Careful dismantling and reassembling

    Avoid any damages, loss or complications as our experienced team carefully dismantle and reassemble any furniture

    All-in-one storage service.

    Our comprehensive storage service is simple and straightforward from start to finish, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

    Get in touch

    Give us a call or fill in our simple online form to get started

    We’ll need to know what you want to store, how long for and the dates.

    Competitive quote

    Once we’ve got all of the necessary information, we’ll give you a detailed, accurate quote tailored to your needs.

    Our quotes are highly competitive, without ever compromising on quality of service

    Collecting and Storing

    Our team will collect everything from your home and pack it carefully, using quality wrapping for sofas, chairs etc. and dismantling any large pieces of furniture.

    Then we transport your belongs to the storage unit, unload everything carefully and make sure everything is fully protected and secured


    Once you’re ready to take your items out of storage, we will carefully transport it all back to your home in excellent condition, just as you left it

    Our team of expert movers can unpack everything, reassemble furniture and place it where you want it

    Our fast, efficient service leaves your home looking clean and tidy with minimal disruption throughout

    picture of the box during packing belongings by storage company

    Looking for a safe, secure storage solution?

    Kathy M.

    My Removal Man was professional, friendly and extremely attentive when storing some belongings. I am content with the overall service provided.

    Anna H.

    Being an international university student, I needed storage space for my belongings when moving to the new semester. I went to Myremovalman and was very happy with their price and how everything was returned fully protected.

    Kathy M.

    Now located in my dream home in France, all thanks to Myremovalman and their highly skilled packers and movers. Very happy with the service, 100% recommend.

    Madison H.

    I needed a specialised international moving service within my budget and in a strict timeline. The team followed all my specifications, and overall, I had a pleasant experience.

    Jacob W.

    As you can imagine, relocating overseas is extremely stressful, but the team at My removal man proved it doesn’t have to be! The service I received was fantastic, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their efficiency and experience.

    Heather Y.

    The team disassembled everything with care and shown their skills when moving and reassembling. I will definitely use My Removal Man again in the future!

    Kristiana A.

    Needing a service which specialises particularly in piano removal services as my beloved instruments means a lot and requires a lot of attention due to its history. The piano now is located in my new home with no damage or mark whatsoever. Thank you for helping!

    Khloe F.

    I have some artwork which is extremely fragile and important to me, so I needed to find a company which was able to work carefully and provide me with that security. I was recommended to Myremovalman, and I can say they were extremely considerate and caring.

    Charlotte P.

    Moving day was easy, and the team were very dedicated, I’m glad for business to be up and running with no delays due to their quick service.

    Sarah P.

    I needed a swift removal service to relocate our business in a strict timeline, which My removal man was able to deliver and completely exceeded my expectations. Very happy with the superb service I received.

    Why choose Myremovalman’s storage service.

    Transportation made easy

    Location is not a problem for us. Near or far, we provide our services across London.

    No damages, no worries!

    Secure storage to keep your belongings safe. Your items are only handled by our trusted team, with no external help.

    Storage to suit your needs

    If you’re not sure what size storage unit you need, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

    Friendly and helpful team

    We respond quickly to enquiries and can answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

    Looking for removal company in London for your home or business?

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